Taurus Man in Love

A Taurus man in love tends to take his time before coming to any decision as to whether you're the right girl for him, though once you've passed his various tests and trials you might notice that there is a massive change in his behaviour. When he's ready to make a commitment to you the Taurus man will let you know, in fact you won't be able to ignore the various signals that tell you a Taurus man is in love.

You'll start to notice that he is starting to make more plans for your future together and will want to rush in to a settled domestic life and relationship with you. Sometimes you can be forgiven for thinking that you're already married as every plan that he makes involves both of you together.

The Taurus man will also be direct in letting you know that you're the one for him; he's fast in making a romantic marriage proposal and in attempting to convince you that you need to move in together right away. He'll also make sure that everyone knows that you are together.

He'll start to seem more relaxed as for him the thrill of the chase is over. He'll still want to be physically and emotionally close and will delight in nights spent in front of the T.V with a bottle of wine and a cuddle on the sofa with you.

As the relationship deepens he'll want those closest to him to know about your relationship. Expect invites to family dinners and events, but make sure that you look your best as the Taurus man feels that the appearance of his partner says a lot about him. Don't worry too much about this though as he enjoys taking the love of his life out to buy designer clothes.